Our Principle

Philip Sheezel

Philip has over 40 years experience as a lawyer advising some of Australia’s leading Banks companies and accounting practices on a broad range of commercial law issues and assisting them with their commercial documentation, litigation and debt recovery needs.

Philip has a wealth of experience in providing SMEs with the commercial documents that they need to suit their own particular requirements.

He also has a reputation for being a trusted legal adviser to a wide range of businesses and communal organizations.

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+61 3 9503 0499

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Our Affiliations

At PS Law we have developed strong affiliations with a wide network of contacts in each of the fields in which we work. We have particularly strong links to a number of leading accountancy and insolvency practitioners. When necessary we are able to use our contacts to assist us to help us deliver our services and solutions to our clients’ needs in a commercial and practical manner.

We also work closely with PPS Solutions Pty Ltd (www.PPSSolutions.com.au) who have the expertise and resources to help us provide our clients with a wide range of PPS resources that will assist them to register and maintain security interests onto the new national PPS Register.

Some of the services that PPS Solutions are able to offer their clients include:

• A software solution to enable clients to manage PPSA registrations themselves

• An outsource solution that enables clients to outsource the task of registering and maintaining security interests to a team of professionals who are dedicated to this task.

Our commitment to you

We undertake to provide personal and professional legal advice in a timely and cost effective manner.

We will work with you to ascertain your particular needs and deliver plain English legal documents and advice that:

  • Protects your legal rights under the law as far as possible.
  • Provides you with the best possible chance of securing and recovering monies that are owed to you and recovering your property in the event of your customer’s default, insolvency or liquidation.